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I'm Nova Ren Suma. I wrote the YA novels 17 & GONE and IMAGINARY GIRLS (both out now from Dutton/Penguin). My new novel, THE WALLS AROUND US, is coming March 24, 2015, from Algonquin YR.


Imaginary Girls

Imaginary Girls paperback
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That is why I read: I want everything to be okay. That’s why I read when I was a lonely kid and that’s why I read now that I’m a scared adult.
Mary Ruefle, Madness, Rack, and Honey (Someone Reading a Book)
I was a new writer and I was supposed to write all the time, wasn’t I? I had not yet discovered that there are times when one can’t write, one shouldn’t write, times for thought, for deepening, or just reading, or simply living.
Stanley Crawford in a letter to Noy Holland (The Believer, Feburary 2010)

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This is what my novel The Walls Around Us looked like last September, when I was deep into writing it at a studio at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire…

Very, very soon you will see what The Walls Around Us looks like now. 

(The book will be out March 24, 2015, from Algonquin.)